Peter Blakeley is an Australian Soul singer and songwriter described by the founder of Atlantic Records Ahmet Ertegun, as “The finest White Soul singer I have ever heard”.

Lead singer for The Rockmelons in the mid-1980s, Peter launched a solo career in 1987 and had a highly successful hit single in 1990 with “Crying in the Chapel”, taken from his multi-platinum selling album Harry’s Café De Wheels.

This song also charted in the US Top 40 and across Europe, winning the 1990 ARIA award for single of the year and APRA award for the most performed Australasian work overseas. Subsequent singles from the album also charted.


  1. Loved your music in the 80’s still play my cd to hear that soulful voice. Wanted to get up to Blue Mountains when you were playing at Jack Thompsons hotel but couldn’t make it. When are you coming back to nsw to play?


  2. Just love your voice. First time ever I saw your face is our favorite song of all time. We came to new Zealand in 1986. And heard the song in the 90ths. Just wanted to let you know that way you sing it is just awesome.


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